Freeze/Fixed the date of the function  
List out the number of Invitees/Guests/Participants  
Select the Area for Function by considering the number of invitees  
Selection of Catering House/Event management House –Having experience and capacity to manage.  
Check the website and Photo Gallery of the Catering House to know about the strength, experience and capacity of the catering house.  
Never go by any ones Influence/explanation/verbal commitment of any person/the catering house- to execute which may lead to fail your Function.  
Explain the Function details and your requirement to the Catering House.  
Make a joint visit to the selected function place and have a joint discussion to reach a final conclusion.  
Fixation of Price and payment terms  
Make a detailed list of work and handover one copy to the Catering House.  
Prepare a checklist which may lead to avoid last moment arrangement/failure.  
Most important thing is never go for any catering house that does not have- the experience/capacity to organise a Quality work/own Assets/Quality Materials/Experienced Managers/Quality Cook/Experienced Service Staff.  

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